Drupal Solutions

Drupal Solutions enable organizations to build and deploy social publishing websites faster. Your web projects benefit from an advanced starting point with pre-configured content types, access controls, information architectures, and more.

eConsultant's offerings compliment these Drupal Solutions to help you achieve the performance and reliability you demand. Our managed Drupal hosting, enterprise 24x7 support, and Drupal administration offerings ensure that your site exceeds your business requirements.


OpenScholar represents a paradigm shift in how the personal academic and research web sites are created and maintained.

Built on the open-source framework Drupal, OpenScholar makes it possible to create academic web sites in a matter of seconds. Each web site comes with a suite of powerful tools from which users can facilitate the creation, distribution, and preservation of knowledge faster and more efficiently than ever before. Learn More

Drupal Commons

  • Create your own, branded social network
  • Collaborate across dispersed teams
  • Integrate with enterprise applications
Drupal Commons is a ready-to-use solution to quickly build and customize internal and external community websites. Connect with friends, join groups, and create content to build robust social applications to extend your existing site or start a new community from scratch.. Learn more


OpenPublish is a packaged distribution of the popular open source social publishing platform, Drupal,

that has been tailored to the needs of today's online publishers. OpenPublish is ideal for the implementation of a variety of media outlets sites including magazines, newspapers, journals, trade publications, broadcast, wire service and membership publications. Learn More

Open Atrium

Open Atrium is a platform for building team portals that can be extended to meet highly custom knowledge management needs

for large organizations' intranets and extranets. It starts with "out of the box" features like a blog, a wiki, a calendar, a case tracker, a shoutbox, and a dashboard to manage content. These features can be expanded to meet unique needs for large organizations so that full scale enterprise collaboration sites can be built with Open Atrium as a base. By fully leveraging Drupal, all of the strengths of Drupal can contribute to creating custom features for Open Atrium within a framework that is already tailored for team collaboration. Learn More


OpenPublic is a Drupal distribution designed to help government agencies build websites and collaboration tools

to satisfy the unique needs of the federal environment. OpenPublic is aimed at forward-looking government agencies seeking to meet the open government initiative’s demand for greater transparency, participation and collaboration. Learn More

Managing News

Managing News is a robust news and data aggregator with pluggable visualization and workflow tools.

It is both a product and a platform. Out of the box, Managing News is a powerful news aggregator. As a platform, it can be customized to meet unique workflow and visualization needs for all kinds of structured data, from CSV to RDF to custom XML formats. Learn More


Tattler (app) is an open source topic monitoring tool for today's Web.

Tattler finds and aggregates content from the Web on topics you ask it to monitor. Using semantic Web technologies, Tattler mines news, websites, blogs, multimedia sites, and other social media like Twitter, to find mentions of the issues most relevant to your organization. Learn More

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