Social Responsibility

"We cannot only live for ourselves. A thousand fibres connect us with our fellow men" - Herman Melville

We at eConsultant strive to not live for ourselves and help the community whenever and wherever we can. To us, being socially responsible means helping a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) to promote what they do using our Website development and eMarketing tactics and an impressively deployed their websites. This could then in future help them as NPO's to gather more support for their cause.


Florida Baby House

Florida Baby House logoFlorida Baby House is a safe-house that functions, by law, under the auspices of the AFM Executive Welfare Council (uMephi).  The Florida baby house can house up to 13 abandoned and abused babies at a time, ranging from birth to 24 months. 

This is an eConsultant pro bono service

We designed and developed their website, we do all their search enigne optimisation as well as run their social media campaigns and host their website and email accounts.  We are actively involved at the Florida Baby House and sposor baby products when we can and also volunteeer our personal skills like photography and child minding as often as possible.



MSF - Doctors Without Borders

Doctors without borders or Médecins Sans Frontières is a NPO (non-profit organization) that helps under privileged countries with most medical problems. Doctors sign up and are then sent to these countries to help and support their medical systems.

What we do for MSF - Doctors Without Borders

We designed and developed an online communication platform that allows doctors and authorised members to communicate with each other and discuss topics and share stories. We sponsored 50% of their design and development and we also ensured that their website has better CPU usage on the server. We made more server space available and we do their consulting on the website at 50% sponsorship.

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