We have formed partnerships with other successful, experienced businesses, who we believe can help our clients with other important elements of their business. Like ourselves, these businesses stand for a high standard, cost-effective service with a strong customer focus.

eConsultant's offerings compliment these Drupal Solutions to help you achieve the performance and reliability you demand. Our managed Drupal hosting, enterprise 24x7 support, and Drupal administration offerings ensure that your site exceeds your business requirements.


Obsidian is the name that has become synonymous with providing peace of mind when it comes to Open Source Software (OSS) requirements.

With a decade of knowledge and experience in the OSS realm Obsidian understands how open source can be utilised, modified and succesfully implemented in today's business world. Regardless of your company's core focus, OSS can play a valuable role in reducing long-term IT expenditure and increasing efficiency, all the while ensuring complete control and ownership of your valuable data.


Acquia is a commercial open source software company, provides products, services, and technical support for the open source Drupal social publishing system.

The company’s products, services and support enable companies to leverage the power, technical innovation and economic value of Drupal while simplifying the experience, removing the complexity and minimizing the risk. Acquia also helps accelerate Drupal usage by contributing to the advancement of the core technology and offering products, services and technical support to simplify the deployment and management of Drupal websites. Acquia Managed Cloud is a fully managed cloud hosting platform tuned for Drupal performance. Architected to meet the needs of large sites, Managed Cloud scales with your dynamic, content-rich Drupal sites so you can focus on building great web experiences. Our fully managed cloud service is a reliable, redundant environment pre-configured with advanced performance technologies, including load balancing, http cache, clustered web and database servers, memecache and more. Because the platform is built in the cloud, we can add server resources automatically in response to traffic spikes, without interrupting your visitors' experience.


Gijima is a proudly empowered South African Information and Communications Technology company listed on the JSE.

It has gained recognition as the complete ICT partner to a considerable client base of large technology users in both the public and private sectors. With more than 70 offices and service centres throughout southern Africa and employing more than 3800 professionals Its intellectual capacity, business model and extended geographic footprint is unparalleled in the local market and provides clients with sophisticated and diverse service delivery options in the infrastructure, solutions, system integration and networking arenas. As one of the leading technology companies in southern Africa, in terms of physical infrastructure and geographical footprint, it has the capability and capacity to provide services to large organisations as well as small and medium sized entities.


With heightened Internet penetration and the remarkable uptake of Social Media, there is a massive opportunity for brands to learn from consumers and for consumers to make informed purchasing decisions.

The power is now in the hands of the consumer and the only way for brands to flourish is to communicate and deliver on their consumers' expectations. We understand this and aim to help brands make the most of this new world. Transparency is guaranteed - regardless of how much this may hurt our egos. By being upfront about our strengths and weaknesses, we're able to deliver on promises. Always aware that we're nothing without the people and brands we serve, we rely on them to help us improve our software and our service as a whole. We welcome feedback - any and all of it!

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