Google Analytics integrated into your website

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Google Analytics is the enterprise-class web analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. Powerful, flexible and easy-to-use features now let you see and analyze your traffic data in an entirely new way. With Google Analytics, you're more prepared to write better-targeted ads, strengthen your marketing initiatives and create higher converting websites. eConsultant can offer you so much more than our competitors because of our direct integrations with your Drupal CMS.


Analytics and eMarketing

Trackinganalysing and optimising your website content to promote your products and services is vital to the success of any online marketing effort.
Google Analytics generates detailed reports about website visitors activities and visits to your website and is page and keyword specific.
This module together with your Google Analytics account will assist you in analysing your website visitors behaviour and focussing on improving sales and leads from your website.

Start tracking your website visits today!
eConsultant integrates the Google Analytics tracking code to every page and product on your website


Discover the following about your website:

Website Visitors

Website Traffic Sources

  1. Number of Visits for all visitors
  2. New Visitors
  3. Returning visitors
  4. User behaviour on your website
  5. Time spent on web site
  6. Visitor languages
  7. Visitor Location
  8. Visitor hardware and software specifications
  1. Measure the amount of traffic from:
  2. Google Organic
  3. Paid advertisement campaigns
  4. referral websites
  5. Search engines
  6. Direct traffic to your website
  7. Search Engine Optimisation
website traffic sources

Your website content           

Visitors converted into lead

  1. individual page performance
  2. Site speed
  3. Landing pages
  4. Exit pages
  5. Event tracking
  6. User behaviour on pages
  1. Website Goals
  2. eCommerce Tracking
  3. Goal Flow
  4. Funnel visualisation
  5. Top Converion Paths
  6. Path Lenght
webpage analytics and reports website goal visualisation

The module allows you to add the following statistics features to your site:

  • Single/multi/cross domain tracking
  • Selectively track/exclude certain users, roles and pages
  • Monitor what type of links are tracked (downloads, outgoing and mailto)
  • Monitor what files are downloaded from your pages
  • Custom variables support with tokens
  • Custom code snippets
  • Site Search support
  • AdSense support
  • Goal Tracking
  • Anonymize visitors IP address
  • Cache the Google Analytics code on your local server for improved page loading times
  • Access denied (403) and Page not found (404) tracking
  • DoNotTrack support (non-cached content only)

    See also Search engine optimisation



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