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Drupal Support and Maintenance

With over 700 successful Drupal projects, eConsultant gives you answers, tools, and support to make Drupal even better!.

Drupal maintenance forms part of the Enhance phase of our Web Development Process. We offer you a variety of Drupal maintenance options to keep your Drupal site secure, up-to-date and bug free. Whether we developed your Drupal site or not, we'll keep your site running smoothly for years to come. So here's what's included:

Drupal Infrastructure Maintenance

Like any software, Drupal relies on on-going updates to patch errors found by the community to update security and improve features. Our Drupal security experts will ensure that your site maintains the highest security possible and responds quickly when new vulnerabilities are identified.

Support and Development Hours

With our Drupal maintenance we also include a number of dedicated hours outside of the update work mentioned above for you to use as you please. These hours are divided into Support and Development. You decide the number of hours that best suit your specific needs. And because this time is pre-booked, we can provide you with a reduced rate :-)

Monthly Reports

Every month we'll review your Google Analytics report and provide you with expert feedback and recommendations on how we can improve your site. We'll also include the reports from the Drupal Infrastructure Maintenance as well as the number of dedicated hours you've spent that month. This way, you'll always be up to date with what's going on.

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